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Anne Griffiths

  Anne Griffith moved to Lobethal over 17 years ago, driven by the desire for her kids to grow up in a country town. She was keen for them to experience a small school, sense of community and being close to nature. She's still here so it seems she found what she was looking for.


  Anne describes her work as expressive rather than realist. Her current works consist of acrylics on canvas, watercolours and textiles including felting. There are a number of themes which occur in Anne's artworks, which she feels have been consistently represented over the last 20 years.


  The theme of water, illustrated by ethereal mermaids; sacred water gardens and vibrantly hued fish, symbolises the physical and spiritual nourishment we receive from water. The connections between the natural and the spiritual world are also represented. Her flower studies explore the feminine through luscious blooming roses, sporing of seeds and creation of life. Her figure studies reflect the shadows and constraints, the social expectations and images of beauty that form our femaleness. She looks at the mythology of femininity, Goddess imagery, our connection to the earth and tree nymphs.


  Consideration of the natural, the physical and the spiritual self underpins much of Anne's art. She is interested in what completes us as a person and yet creates our inner conflicts, and as a woman, what influences our femininity.

  Anne's artworks are full of bright colours that exude a celebratory feel. She takes pleasure from creating pieces that have a positive, uplifting quality and says she feels happy when a painting goes to a good home.



  Anne is not just an arts practitioner. It is difficult to separate Anne's passion for creating art from her passion for teaching art. She firmly believes everyone has a creative spirit and it is important to find a way to express that creativity. Anne through her work with schools and the community is instrumental in assisting people to develop the practical skills to express their creativity. She says that it is her community arts involvement that she is most proud of.


  Anne holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts (S.A.C.A.E) and a Diploma of Education (Flinders University). She is currently focused on working in Primary Schools as a classroom teacher and art specialist. She coordinates larger art projects such as murals and exhibitions with community groups. These have included a Health and Well Being Mural in the Hills and a series of panels for the Islamic Women's Celebration. She also works independently for councils, libraries and community groups, coordinating art projects and conducting workshops in a variety of art media. Most recently this has included "Youth Week" at the Festival Centre, Family days at The Art Gallery of S.A., and school holiday programs for councils around Adelaide.

  A selection of Anne's paintings is currently available from the  Amberlight Deli, Main Street, Lobethal. Her beautiful felted scarves can be purchased from the Adelaide Hills Market.