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Martin Jaeger

Martin Jaeger is an emerging digital artist who loves to capture the enchanting moods of the Adelaide Hills. In the early hours of the morning or the fading light of dusk, Martin is often out stalking that elusive photographic opportunity.

Having lived in the Adelaide Hills for over 25 years, Martin marvels at the beauty of this locality like never before. "Rather than becoming accustomed to it, I am gaining more appreciation for the vibrance and richness of this district. It's a process which takes time, discovering how to capture the countryside and create images with powerful mood and impact" says Martin. The variety of country scenes together with morning mists or the beauty of autumn create magical atmospheres - which have become Martins' signature style.

Exhibiting at a local event recently, Martin was amazed to see how well locals receive his work.


He said "The people of the hills and surrounding area connect so well with my images! Others, who live further away, just want to take a piece of the Adelaide Hills with them. There is something in my work which people identify with so easily."

Martin presents his work on quality German Etching art paper, which is known for its outstanding quality and archival properties. He has a selection of limited edition prints which are on display in several local businesses.  He also has a broad selection of signed prints available on request.


For further information please contact Martin on Mob: 0408 406 664


For more great images, see Martin's website at