Lobethal Christmas Lights Festival 2019

Seasons Greetings from the Community of Lobethal. Each December, our little town comes alive with our Christmas Lights Festival. This year, the festival will run from 8th December until 29th December and has some new offerings.

What’s on

Read more about where to find unique, handmade quirky gifts during the Lights festival here.

One thought on “Lobethal Christmas Lights Festival 2019”

  1. I am watching ABC with the program about your town and its wonderful Christmas ventures. I think this is a wonderful community event, and I hope that your town has not been too devastated by fire. We have only the media to advise us, so I am not sure how badly you have been affected. It is difficult to say the right thing, but I hope you will know I am sincere when I say I care about you all.

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